Where did the songs on Upbeat come from?

The songs on Upbeat were added by fans on Upbeat. The audio is powered by Spotify.

How do I add my favorite songs to Upbeat?

You can add songs from “My Profile.” Just type the artist name and/or song name in the “add a song” search bar.

What is an Upbeat Match Score?

Your Upbeat Match Score with another fan represents how similar their taste in music is to your taste in music (0 = not similar at all, 100 = very similar). The higher your Upbeat Match Score is with other fans, the more likely it is you will love the music they love.

Does Upbeat have a mobile app?

Not yet! If you’d like us to build a mobile app, email us at support@getonupbeat.com and let us know.

How do I listen to an entire song?

Each song card has a link to Spotify that will open the full song in Spotify.

When are the Upbeat Match Scores recalculated?

The Upbeat Match Scores are recalculated once per day (at midnight Central Time).

If I want to request an additional feature be added to Upbeat, who can I contact?

Please send us a note at support@getonupbeat.com!

What do other music fans see when they view my profile?

Every song you have loved on Upbeat with the most recently loved songs first.

Why can’t I add some songs?

Right now, Upbeat fans can only add songs that have a 30-second clip on Spotify. We are working on a solution. Stay tuned!

Can I send a message to another fan on Upbeat?

Not yet. If this is a feature you would like, please let us know at support@getonupbeat.com.

How do I delete my Upbeat account?

Email support@getonupbeat.com with your request, and we will delete it.

If I have a question that was not answered here, who can I ask?

Please email all questions to support@getonupbeat.com.