How can I get a “Music Influencer” badge on Upbeat?
Email support@getonupbeat.com with your username and a link to your music blog or other site where you share the music you love.

How do I become a “Superfan” on Upbeat?
The top 10% of music fans—by number of songs rated on Upbeat—will earn Superfan badges.

Where do the songs on Upbeat come from?
The songs on Upbeat were added by music fans on Upbeat. The audio is powered by Spotify.

How do I add my favorite songs to Upbeat?
Add song from the “Add Songs” page. You can add one song at a time or connect your Spotify account to add many songs at once.

What is an Upbeat Match Score?
Your Upbeat Match Score with another fan represents how similar their taste in music is to your taste in music (0 = not similar at all, 100 = very similar).

Does Upbeat have a mobile app?
Not yet, but we are building one. If you would like to join our small group of music fans that help us test and improve the mobile app before it is released, please email us at support@getonupbeat.com.

How do I listen to an entire song?
Press the “Play Full Song” button on a song card to play the full song. You will be prompted to connect to Spotify. This feature is available for Spotify Premium users.

What do other music fans see when they view my profile?
Every song you have loved on Upbeat with the most recently loved songs first.

Why can’t I add some songs?
If you are unable to add a specific song, try adding it as part of a playlist that has less than 100 total songs. If this doesn’t work, please email support@getonupbeat.com with the name of the song and the artist.

How do I delete my Upbeat account?
Email support@getonupbeat.com with your request, and we will delete it.

If I have a question that was not answered here, who can I ask?

Please email all questions to support@getonupbeat.com.